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With James Holland (pictured right with Fiancee Louise.) at the helm. There isn't many economy Reliants that James doesn't own or had the pleasure of driving! With over 40 Reliants in his possession, anything of the 3 wheeled and small 4 wheeled variety is his passion!
Headed up by Dave Poole, the sporting Reliants range from the beautiful Sabre to the sporty Scimitar GTE. The SS1 takes care of the small sporty range. Dave has an extensive collection of memorabilia from press photographs to workshop manuals and parts lists.
Economy Reliants
Sporting Reliants
Welcome to the World of Reliant Museum!
Reliant Archives
The Museum - the idea!
The idea of the Reliant Museum is one which has been 'brewing' for some time in my mind. Personally, i feel Reliant is very under represented in the motor heritage catagory. Very few people know the true extent of what Reliant did for the industry, and what they were involved with! The museum, is to be an educatonal tool aswell as the normal reason for a museum, in that it will preserve models of the marque for all to see. Various models will be displayed and along with information sheets, brochures and videos, show the visitors how Reliant made their vehicles and their success. Also it will reveal what other markets Reliant became involved in with their specialised use of GRP.
The museum - The cars!
The care will be a mixture of 3 and 4 wheeled Reliants from the economy and sporting range. Some will be restored, some will be as in use condition and some will be awaiting restoration. Sometimes it takes time to find the right components to restore a vehicle fully. For example. The 1974 Robin van, that took some 7 years to find an immaculate chassis to fit it. This is because the 750cc chassis differs from the 850!

Some of the cars are pictured below. Check back soon to see what others I've added!
The museum - How can you help us?
You can help us in a variety of ways.

Firstly, help with supplying brochures, parts and cars that the museum needs. If we dont need it, we will inform you and if you allow us to, we will pass on the items with a donation requested from the recipient to help with the museum funding.

Secondly, do you have any vital knowledge? Did you work for Reliant or were you a Reliant dealer/mechanic? If so we would love to hear from you! Any information about your experience and time especially if you worked at the factory is we believe priceless! Any paperwork or correspondence from the factory is also welcome and will be if you request it, noted it was donated by yourselves to the museum. We also will purchase items for the museum if possible so please get in touch!