Glenrothes/Fife run?

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Glenrothes/Fife run?

Post by bugdonna » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:47 am


I'm Donna and new to the 3 wheeled scene in Glenrothes. We have a Bond Bug with a Reliant Kitten 850cc engine - so I guess we're partly Reliant owners. I've seen Fifer around a few times, in Aldi Glenrothes and each time my husband and I see him we're like "there's the 3 wheeler man!" - now we know he's Fifer :banana-dance: I also spied a few Reliant's on a driveway in Kirkcaldy, so they must be an enthusiast too.

Just wondering if there would be any interest in a short local run somewhere in/around Fife? Nothing too long or crazy but just to have a cuppa or lunch somewhere and meet like minded 3 wheelers.

Our Bug was a "good restoration a few years ago" but so far we've found nothing but problem after problem and well, we think she's MOT worthy probably early March (need to get new tyres fitted, number plate tidied up and a few minor electrical faults remedied).

We enjoy going to the local car shows and can't wait for the Yearbook to come out for dates.

Well, if anyone is local and fancies a 3 wheeled convoy, just let me know.

Thanks, Donna

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Re: Glenrothes/Fife run?

Post by Atodini » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:30 pm

Hi Donna and welcome to the Forum......

You are actually Reliant owners! Bond cars had no input whatsoever in the design of the Bug, it's 100% Reliant throughout. Designed by Tom Karen at Ogle, Reliant branded it as a Bond for marketing reasons as by the time of the launch they had taken over Bond cars....

Some Bugs were assembled at the old Bond factory in Preston during production though - the Bug people will know more than I about which ones.

Reliant designed and built a surprising number of different vehicles not necessarily associated with them for other manufacturers, notably the Anadols and Sabras for Turkey and Israel, as well as the Metrocab taxis (which were actually branded as Reliants for just under 2 years) along with making the bodies and assembling the Ford RS200 WRC rally cars......


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Re: Glenrothes/Fife run?

Post by johno » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:51 pm

Hi Donna, welcome to the forum.
a few years back I was working and touring around your area and further north on motorbikes and in my 1998 Reliant, even visited Fifer for some tea and cake and some spares.
I would love to have done some local runs, unfortunately I am now as far directly South from you as you can get on the mainland, Isle of Portland Dorset.
Lots of enthusiastic and knowledgeable people use the forum so any problems with your Bug just shout out, someone will know the answer ;)
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Re: Glenrothes/Fife run?

Post by lukew » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:15 pm

I'm not exactly down the road, but may be up for some driving about in the summer months. Plan on spending some time up there with my Robin and soon to be Robin caravan :)

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